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Adventurous? Try These Activities

These activities may not be for everyone. Participation is at your own risk.

For those looking for a little more adventure and willing to assume the risk, here are some suggestions to consider:

Take a boat trip along the Cross River

A makeshift settlement built in the middle of the Cross River near Afikpo

A makeshift settlement built in the middle of the Cross River near Afikpo

The Cross River originates from the neighboring country of Cameroon. It serves as the natural boundary between Ebonyi State and Cross River State.

A boat trip along the river would present opportunities for sightseeing, fishing and exploring the many small towns and villages along the river.

For this trip, you would need to hire an engine boat and a pilot familiar with the river (a tour guide can help you find both). For added precaution, take along a life vest and make sure you are comfortable traveling on a boat.


If you like hiking, you have plenty of options in Afikpo. There are countless roads and footpaths leading from the town center to outlying villages, hills, farms and natural landscapes. While hiking, you are likely to run into people go to and from their farms, villages and other destinations.

Participate in a wrestling contest

Wrestling contest in Afikpo

Wrestling contest in Afikpo

During the wrestling season, able bodied young men engage in a wrestling contest to see who will throw the opponent to the ground. There are no punches thrown. Rather two equally matched opponents grapple with each other in a test of strength and agility. The contestant who forces the opponents back to touch the ground wins.

If you visit Afikpo during the wrestling season, you could watch the wrestling contest from a safe distance or ask to participate as a wrestling contestant. There is no guarantee that the referees will let you in but it is worth a try if you are that adventurous. Who knows, you may even win the contest and cherish the memory for years to come!

Trace the path of the slave route

Go for a hike along a path that was used to transport slaves from Afikpo to a holding area on the banks of the Cross River. In the 17th through 19th centuries, slave traders traveled up the Cross River in search of slaves and one of their ports of call was the slave holding area in Afikpo. From here, slaves were loaded into the ships, never to be seen again.

Dive in for a swim at Unwana Beach

People swimming at Unwana Beach

People swimming at Unwana Beach

If you are comfortable swimming in a river, head over to Unwana Beach. The beach is about 20 minutes drive from Afikpo. During the dry season, there is a section of the beach where people go to swim (pictured to the right). There are also nearby shops selling food and refreshments.

Chart your own course

The suggestions on this site are merely that – suggestions. You are free to design your own list of activities. The possibilities are endless.

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