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Chris Abani: On Humanity (Video)

This video from TED Talks features Chris Abani, a Nigerian-British citizen born and raised in Afikpo and resident in the United Kingdom.

In this video, Chris shares his thoughts on life, including his experience growing up as a boy in Afikpo.



  1. dieih ngozi /

    Wow this is really a gud platform 2 showcase d rich cultural heritage dat ehugbo is known 4 u guys should keep up d gud work

  2. Okoro John /

    Am so happy seeing this site. I have be wondering why my Home Town Afikpo does not have any site to showcase our rich and blessed land features. Wow what i saw here is the answer to my worries and i now feel proud of it. I give a thumb up to the founder of this great website and will even help to make it more popular. Afikpo kwenu!

  3. Agha john /

    Am proud 2 b afikpo member

  4. Dominic Emmanuel ifeanyichukwu chima. /

    A big thanks 2 d founder of dz gr8 afikpo online. We can do & place whteva we wnt on our online. Ehugbo ohu unu ka.

  5. Egwu Mike Oko /


  6. Inya Simon Pee(Nmkpume one of Itim) /

    Am so great to see this site, “Afikpo unu jookwa” am very proud to be a citizen of Afikpo, Enohia is also one of the great cities in Afikpo @ Nmkpume one of Itim.

  7. Its amazing how he speaks from his heart..and you can tell its deep and rich…I am so impressed and at the same time sad because he hits on a crux which i see us losing everyday…

    To convey such an experiential sentiment so aptly and clear and yet so tangibly, is but an amazing gift Chris has.

    I kinda envy him and also mourn because I fear my generation may not have people who can express such sentiments as we have gradually attrited our humanity in the pursuit of self aggrandizement …So help us o God!.

  8. Davidson Okoro /

    Afikpo is my home of merit, I’m proud I came from Afikpo a home of hospitality.

  9. Amadi Kenneth Ekuma /

    Great town of prosperity. Long live Ebonyi! Long live Ehugbo!! Long live Ozizza!!!

    By Amadi Kenneth Ekuma – Nwa Ozizza

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