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Explore Business Opportunities

Don’t just visit Afikpo for leisure; there are trade and investment opportunities you should consider as well.

With a Federal Polytechnic, nursing school, several colleges and vocational training schools in the vicinity, Afikpo has abundant skilled and unskilled labor at very affordable prices. The Federal Polytechnic alone graduates over a thousand students each year out of a total population in excess of 6,000 students, faculty and staff.

And then there is Ndibe Beach – rich in sand used for building construction within Afikpo and for export to neighboring towns.

Constructing a bridge from Ndibe Beach across the Cross River to Itigidi in Cross River State (a distance of less than 1 mile) could prove profitable to the right investor(s). The bridge will cut in half the time it takes to travel by road from Afikpo to towns in the neighboring Cross River State. The project generate substantial revenue from tolls charged to motorist traveling across the bridge.


Other Investment Opportunities

  • Establishment of large scale mechanized farming business to take advantage of the abundant fertile soil in Afikpo.
  • Major food processing and food storage/preservation plant to take advantage of the large seasonal harvest of fruits, vegetables, fish, etc.
  • Large scale timber production business to cater to the booming demand for timber (and other building materials) in Afikpo and surrounding areas.
  • Fast food restaurants such as Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers, etc. to cater to the large population of college students and civil servants in Afikpo.
  • Children’s and/or Adult amusement park in Afikpo.


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