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Relax & Socialize

Afikpo is a low stress town. The pace of life is not as hectic as it is in the big cities. Here is a place you can come to relax and unwind.

leisure_01Test your skills with the game of “draft” (the local version of chess). Or check out the many other sports and games popular with the locals.

Head to a neighboring town where you can enjoy palm wine freshly harvested from a palm tree the same day. You can also request that the palm wine be delivered right to your hotel room or other location private. There are palm wine suppliers in Afikpo that handle such requests.

Dive in for a swim in Ndibe Beach or the neighboring Unwana Beach. Both beaches have swimming areas on the banks of the Cross River. While you are there, you may run into young men evacuating white sand (used for building construction) or timber – both of which are in abundant supply in Afikpo.

Attend a social event and mingle with other attendees. On most weekends, there is a traditional or western style marriage ceremony, burial, fundraiser and other events that are open to the public. No invitation needed. Some of these events also feature free entertainment, food and drinks.

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