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Things to Do in Afikpo

Watch a masquerade or a parade of masquerades

The type of masquerade you see in Afikpo depends on the time of year/season you visit. To get an idea when the various masquerades perform, click here to view Afikpo Cultural Calendar. To see photos and videos of Afikpo masquerades, click here.

Two masquerades (Njenje and Okwebu) on the streets of Afikpo

Two masquerades (Njenje and Okwebu) on the streets of Afikpo

Visit a mask carver or a traditional drum maker

If you are an art lover or collector, visit the men who make Afikpo masks. These are talented craftsmen, some with decades of experience making African masks.


Watch a wrestling contest

This is NOT the type of staged wrestling contests you sometimes see on American TV shows. In Afikpo, the contests are real and unscripted test of strength and agility between two equally matched youths.


Take part in a cultural festival or two

A women's group performing at Ebu Mbe festival in Afikpo

A women’s group performing at Ebu Mbe festival in Afikpo

There are several festivals that take place in Afikpo throughout the year. One of the most popular is the New Yam Festival. This festival celebrates the end of the outgoing year and the beginning of the traditional New Year (see Afikpo Cultural Calendar). The festival is celebrated with freshly harvested yams prepared into traditional Afikpo dishes, exchange of visits by town folks and visitors and lots of merriment.


Catch a canoe for a trip across the Cross River

If you are feeling adventurous and can handle a canoe ride (obviously not for everyone), then go ahead and take a taxi or a bike (okada) ride to Ndibe Beach. There, you can hire a canoe for a trip across the Cross River. On the other side of the river is Cross River State (from which the river derives its name) and a whole new state to explore – if you are that adventurous.


Learn how to dance Nkwa Umuagbogho, Nkwa Nwite and other dances

A dancer / coach for Nkwa Umuagbogho Dance Group

A dancer / coach for Nkwa Umuagbogho Dance Group

There are many dance groups in Afikpo. Most of them would be happy to teach you how to dance for a modest fee – perhaps even for free if you are really nice. This is nice way to get a work out and learn something new and unique to share with family and friends.


Test your bargaining skills at Eke Market

At Eke Market (the largest market in Afikpo and the second largest in Ebonyi State), bargaining is expected – and there is an art to it. Visit the market and try out your bargaining skills. Who knows, you might even out-bargain the traders and score some incredible deals. You can also bring along a local who will bargain on your behalf. Either way, a trip to the market should be fun.


Hire a tour guide for a guided tour

Ask for Chief Agwo, a retired school administrator and writer on Afikpo culture and society. Chief Agwo is the publisher of Afikpo Cultural Calendar and many other publications. With his intimate knowledge of Afikpo typography, history and culture, Chief Agwo can provide a guided tour of Afikpo and surrounding areas.


Visit the slave route and other historic sites

Entrance to a cave in Ugwuegu, Afikpo

Entrance to a cave in Ugwuegu, Afikpo

Trace the path of the slave route from the villages of Afikpo to the slave cargo holding area on the banks of the Cross River. In the 17th through the 19th centuries, slave traders traveled up the Cross River in search of slaves. The slave route traces the path through which slaves were evacuated from Afikpo and loaded into the waiting slave ships. Click here to learn more.

* We recommend using a tour guide for this activity.


Meet and greet one of the town’s traditional rulers

There are four traditional rulers in Afikpo, each presiding over one of the four autonomous areas of the town: Nkpoghoro, Itim, Ugwuegu and Ozizza. These traditional rulers play an important role as custodians of culture and tradition as well as peace-keepers in their respective areas.


Attend a traditional marriage ceremony

If there is a traditional marriage ceremony going on during your stay, you should check it out. Just show up, mix and mingle. Its that simple. No invitation required. You will be delighted at the hospitality shown to you by everyone at the event.



    Iam highly disappointed that a true son of Ehugbo does not know the number of autonomous communities that make up EHUGBO. I can’t imagine the writer omitting a prominent autonomous community like OHAISU. Please point of correction EHUGBO is made up of five autonomous communities and not four as earlier stated, that is, OHAISU, MKPOGHORO, ITIM, UGWUEGU/AMAIZU AND OZIZZA. I appreciate your effort.
    EGWU GEOFFREY AKANI.(Asst. Secretary General,ATWA, Lagos-Branch).

  2. obasi john /

    It is very very disheartening and sad that one of the ehugbo authonomous community(itim) for so long has selected their ruler,this is now three years without staff of office and coronation.

  3. I love Afikpo – Ehugbo…

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