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Tony Ekoh, Jr. (Profile)

Hon. Tony Ekoh, Chairman of Afikpo North Local Government Area

Hon. Tony Ekoh, Chairman of Afikpo North Local Government Area

Hon. Tony Ekoh, Jr. is a former Chairman of Afikpo North Local Government Area. As chairman, Hon. Ekoh headed the Local Government Council comprising of several elected councilors and staff.

He also presided over the affairs of the local government administration and the functions prescribed for his office in the Nigerian Constitution, including:

  • Collection of taxes and fees
  • Maintenance and regulation of markets and motor parks
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, streets, drains and other public highways
  • Recommendations to the State Government on economic affairs

Hon. Ekoh was elected as chairman in 2010 and his tenure ended in 2014.



    The chairman,i thank God that u are beign re-elected again as the incubent & qualify chairman of our local goverment area,AFIKPO NORTH.God knows why u are retained the second time.You worked marvelous changing the colours of Afikpo in general.We are greatful,proud of u & ur governance,pray for God’s wisdom,protection, guidance & power to work more effeciently in this second time.I Know in this ur tenure again,our locality is going to be a paradise because a righteous man is on the throne.People will continue rejoicing,praising God the most high.GO AHEAD….

  2. oko daniel arua /

    jokwaa oga na ihe inimeriayi na Ehugbo,obasi ja akwu gu ugwo,ji nke iji,ichie ehugbo si na osi nwata gide nka-agwu jekutere mini ojeji kwua eka,ini ayi na mini,jisi ike,obasi ja agozigi,jokwaa

  3. Dominic Emmanuel ifeanyichukwu chima. /

    Hon. Ekoh u re wlcm 4 anoda second tenure & my prayer 2 u 4 God who giv u d grace, wisdom & all dt wc u use & trans4m d face Afikpo shld do d sm in dz 2nd tenure in jesus name. Jokwa omeka nnaya 1.

  4. Agha Joseph Nwachi /

    Kudos to my superb chairman… You are truely the son of your father! Keep on doing the good work and may Almighty father strengthen and keep you moving! You are just like the Mandela of Afikpo!

  5. ogede vincent uzoma onuma /

    he be one of the best we get o!. God go bless him


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