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Top 10 Reasons to Visit

There are many reasons to visit Afikpo. Your reasons to visit may differ, in which case we encourage you to share your top reasons by commenting on our Blog section. But first you have to visit Afikpo if you haven’t done so already.

Our Top 10 reasons to visit Afikpo are:


1. Vibrant Festivals

If you want to watch, photograph and videotape some of the most vibrant and memorable cultural festivals in West Africa, come to Afikpo. Popular festivals include the New Yam Festival and Ebu Mbe Festival.


2  Dance! Dance! Dance!

You want dance? . . . traditional African dance at its best???

Then come to Afikpo and watch natural born dancers – men, women and children – perform with uncommon skill!

Want to see award-winning dancers perform up close? You’ll find them here too, including national and international award-winners like Nkwa Umuagbogho Traditional Dance Group and many others.

Click here to learn more. And click here to watch some of the dance groups in action.


3  World Renowned Masks and Masquerades!

Question: How many towns in the world have a distinctive art form named after them?

Answer: Very few. Afikpo is one of them.

Afikpo is one of the few towns with a major art form named after it. “Afikpo Mask” is a distinctive art form on display in museums, galleries and online stores worldwide. If you visit at the right time of the year, you also get a chance to see some of the masquerades that wear the masks.


4. Meet the people behind the masks

Come to Afikpo and meet the carvers who make “Afikpo Masks” and bring the masquerades to life. Click here to learn more about the mask makers.


5.  Traditional African Justice System Co-existing with Western Style Judicial System

Afikpo is one of the places where a you will find a traditional African justice system run by town elders co-existing with a western style judicial system run by the police, lawyers and judges.


6.  Nkwobi and Other Delicious Dishes

With cheaply produced food and an abundance of skilled cooks, you will find finger-licking food at very affordable prices in Afikpo.

Learn more.


7.  Friendly and Hospitable People

The people of Afikpo are friendly and hospitable. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, the local folks would want to talk to you as long as you are not too standoffish.


8.  Affordable Housing

A modest hotel room with basic essentials will cost you less than $30 in off peak season. Pay more for an upgrade if you want.

Don’t want to stay in a hotel? There are private homes, apartments and country villas for rent – also modestly priced.


9.  Opportunities for trade and investment

Don’t just visit for leisure; there are trade and investment opportunities you should consider as well.

Click here to learn more.


10.  Natural Landscapes and experiences

Although Afikpo is not a safari destination, it has plenty of natural landscapes to delight nature lovers. Along with the nearby beaches at Ndibe and Unwana, there are large expanses of land rich in vegetation, plants and wildlife.



    Beside Culture, Afikpo have many reasons to be visited. (1) Afikpo is the home of Nigeria first medical doctor, Dr Akanu ibiam & the ist governor of eastern religion 1960.(2) Afikpo is the place where NYSC Orientation camp of Ebonyi state is situated.(3)There is a Fedral polytechnic in Afikpo named after Dr. Akanu ibiam.(4) Afikpo loves strangers more than theirselves.

  2. Okorocha Ibeabuchi /

    God bless land of Afikpo rich am hapi dat am 4rm land


    this Is my state the home of peace Ebonyi state is gifted God will see us through

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