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Welcome to Afikpo


In Afikpo, we say Jookwa to welcome guests, greet neighbors and commend someone for a job well done. Expect to be greeted with Jookwa or the English equivalents (welcome, good evening sir/madam, welldone, etc.) when you pass people on the street. And if you visit someone at home, chances are you will also be served with kola nut (the traditional fruit for welcoming guests) in addition to other refreshments. The people of Afikpo are very hospitable, respectful and laid back as you will find out when you visit.

Experience the Sights and sounds of culture

Experience the sights and sounds of well preserved African culture expressed through art, music, dance and long standing customs. Described as a mecca of ancient Igbo culture, Afikpo is blessed with a rich collection of African masks. See the masks. Watch the masquerades in action. Meet the mask carvers.

A quiet and natural getaway

Enjoy a getaway that puts you in close contact with natural landscapes and the famed African hospitality of Afikpo people. A small to mid-size town, Afikpo offers some of the modern conveniences you can expect in bigger towns without the stress and commotion you find in bigger/busier cities.

Outside the town center and just beyond the outlying villages, you will find vast expanses of vegetation, pristine landscapes and wild fruits (such as cashews and mangoes) that are free to harvest by anyone. On your way back to town, expect most people you meet to acknowledge and greet you – just like the good old days!

Play, learn, explore & stay active

Learn how to play traditional music instruments or pick up some new dance steps. There are dozens of dance groups and skilled performers ready to serve as your personal coach.

Hire a tour guide to see parts of the town. Then extend the fun by exploring the neighboring towns of Unwana, Amasiri, Ozizza, Okposi, Edda and more – all within about an hour’s drive away.

Go for a swim in the Cross River at Ndibe beach or Unwana Beach – both are less than 30 minutes drive away. Even better, take a picnic basket and invite friends to come along.

Discover a piece of Afikpo history dating from the pre-colonial era. Back in the 1700s, the old slave route was used to escort slaves from the village of Ugwuegu to the banks of the Cross River near Ndibe Beach. From there, the slaves were loaded onto ships bound for Europe and the Americas.

Stay, wine and dine without breaking the bank.

Staying in a hotel? The rates are very affordable. And the food is cheap, thanks to plenty of farmers and fishermen that produce food for local consumption and export. Also affordable are the cost of hiring a private driver, cook, tour guide, entertainers, etc.

What would you like to do in Afikpo? The possibilities are plentiful. So come visit, explore, relax and go home happy! And if you chose to stay back like so many others who now call Afikpo home, you are Welcome!



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